California Hydro Plant CAISO Meter Replacements

Project Type: CAISO meter replacements

Ralston Powerhouse – Meter replacement – 86 MW

OxBow Powerhouse – Meter replacement – 6 MW

Middlefork Powerhouse #1 & 2 – Meter replacement – 135 MW total line 1 and line 2 feeding into total of 135 MW

Hellhole Powerhouse – Meter replacement – 5 MW

French Meadows – Meter replacement – 15 MW

Location: Various locations in California

Client: Placer County Water Authority (PCWA)

Products/Services: Revenue meters at all locations

Trimark delivered CAISO-certified revenue metering for each of the hydro houses listed above with PCWA. MiddleFork Powerhouse has peer-to-peer metering functionality as it reads meters from both line 2 and line 2 main and back-up meters. Trimark worked with the third party programmer to program and install main and back-up meters at each of the hydro houses.

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