Santa Clara Awards SCADA Renovation Project to Trimark

Folsom, Calif. – Santa Clara California, the host city for Super Bowl 50, has awarded an $8.6 million contract to Trimark Associates, a company they selected to deliver a working SCADA solution to control their water and wastewater services by a hard and fast deadline – kickoff of the big game.

The City of Santa Clara Water and Sewer Utilities has contracted with Trimark Associates to deliver the SCADA Renovation project which includes construction, configuration and commissioning a range of improvements to their Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and a new wireless telecommunications network. This system is responsible for controlling processes related to potable water treatment and distribution, recycled water, and sewage treatment.

The utility is responsible for water supply and wastewater removal for the City of Santa Clara which includes Levi’s Stadium, where NFL teams will play Super Bowl 50. The portion of the project that directly impacts the stadium must be replaced before the game.

“In addition to expanding automation and control over more field devices, the system will support business continuity in case of an emergency,” said Mark Morosky, President and CEO of Trimark Associates. “This objective will be enabled by redundant communications, enhanced physical and cyber security, and business intelligence that draws from real-time and historical operational data. We are honored to be selected to deliver a project of this scale and criticality.”

Trimark Associates, Inc. will be supported in this project by Westin Engineering as well as subject experts from Kenexis, Schneider Electric, Applied Technology Group, and Spatial Wave.

The City of Santa Clara’s Water and Sewer Utilities operates and maintains the City’s potable water, recycled water and sewer collections systems. This new, secure SCADA system will replace an existing control system that has reached the end of its useful life. The new SCADA system is designed to meet the future needs of the City as well as provide effective and efficient management of the Water and Sewer Utilities.

The SCADA improvements will be deployed at 27 potable water well sites, seven sewer pump stations, four booster pump stations, one turnout, three operational control centers and a kiosk at city hall to display real-time system data.

The project includes fabrication and installation of new control panels which will be assembled at Trimark’s UL certified facility. The project encompasses extensive telecommunications improvements and expansion including a wireless network; upgraded physical and cyber security; and computer and software improvements including control logic, system configuration and interface screens. Once commissioned, the new SCADA system will be integrated with the City’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) software.

The primary effort will last 12 months, with systems integration work extending an additional six months.


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