Scheduling Coordinator Metered Entity

Participating in the CAISO Market

Resources that participate in the CAISO market, be they generation or load, establish their metering requirements as being either a CAISO Metered Entity (CAISO ME) or a Scheduling Coordinator Metered Entity (SCME). Until recently, the majority of the SCMEs have been resources representing load, both bundled and direct access customers. However, with changes to the CAISO Tariff, opportunities have opened for more to participate as SCMEs in the CAISO market.

Is an SCME Right for You?

Entities that CAISO will consider for can be SCMEs include new load entities, participating generators, demand response resources, Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) participants and Community Choice Aggregations (CCA). An SCME is responsible for obtaining, processing and submitting their Settlement Quality Meter Data (SQMD) directly to the CAISO for market settlement. To assure the quality and integrity of the SQMD being submitted, CAISO requires a SQMD Plan.

The SQMD Plan, once approved by CAISO, provides information of the entities’ equipment, processes, testing and maintenance that assures that the SQMD provided to CAISO will be accurate and correct. Specifically, the SQMD Plan requires the participant to provide information on the market resource attributes, a description of the meter data processing, plans for audits and tests, and metering device details. Unique for Demand Response resources, a similar plan – a Demand Response Template – is used to document the method for baseline and performance measurements.

Put Trimark’s CAISO Revenue Metering Expertise to Work for You

Trimark’s experience with turnkey CAISO certified meter solutions, including full support through the CAISO’s New Resource Implementation (NRI) process, makes us an excellent partner for entities initiating the SC ME process. You do not have to take on the daunting task of creating an SQMD Plan on your own.

To begin CAISO market participation, you must provide a CAISO SQMD Plan for approval. Any delays in the approval process can impact your market start date. Trimark’s services will not end with the submittal of the SQMD Plan. The SC ME requirements also involve annual and bi-annual review and audits. Trimark can help you manage these reviews as we have successfully completed audits for SCs to meet their CAISO tariff requirements.


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