Schweitzer Meters Attain CAISO Certification

Folsom, Calif. – Trimark successfully certified the first SEL-734 CAISO meters from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. (SEL) to be installed for renewable power generation in California.

Two SEL-734 meters at the NRG Alpine Solar facility in Lancaster, CA, were CAISO certified in late November, 2012. These meters monitor a project that will generate 66 MW of power. Trimark was contracted to provide meter programming, inspection, and CAISO meter certification for the project.

Before certifying the meters for CAISO, Trimark conducted a final inspection of the meter installation and sealed all applicable meter points as required by CAISO inspection and testing protocols. Trimark also finalized the required CAISO meter certification forms, site verification data sheets, single line drawings, three line drawings, scheme description and all applicable calculation sheets.

“Trimark has the largest team of CAISO-certified meter technicians in the state,” said Mario Marquez, Trimark’s Metering Manager. “Our metermen apply more than 200 accumulated years of experience in public utilities, power authorities, and other agencies. They have designed and implemented some of the most sophisticated, multi-meter, revenue and real-time monitoring schemes in use today.” Trimark became a CAISO-certified meter inspector company in 2001.

“SEL meters fit the metering and business requirements for many of our utility clients,” said Marquez. “We are proud to be the first to certify these meters for CAISO in California.”

The affordability of SEL meters allows California utilities to increase coverage of revenue and power quality metering. SEL meters include advanced data collection and communications capabilities.

In 2010, the CAISO tested and passed the SEL-734 for revenue metering use in ISO-metered entity applications. This certification process verified metering accuracy, communications, and integration capability with the California ISO communications system. High-accuracy metering, Ethernet communications, and Itron® MV-90® compatibility enabled the SEL-734 to exceed ISO requirements, making it ideal for grid intertie metering applications in California. Learn more about the SEL-734 and SEL-735 meters.

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