Slade Stutz Joins CAISO Meter Inspector Corp

Folsom, Calif. – Trimark’s Slade Stutz has passed the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Meter Inspector Test and has been promoted to CAISO Meter Inspector. Mr. Stutz is one of just 27 inspectors authorized to certify revenue meters that ensure accurate settlements in California’s $8 billion electric market.

In preparation, Mr. Stutz gained experience as an Apprentice Meter Technician by working side-by-side with Trimark’s senior metering staff and inspectors. Slade has direct experience on metering for resources ranging from wind to utility-scale solar. He also completed Trimark’s classroom training program.

Revenue meters function as cash registers for utility-scale electric power resources, tracking energy production as well as key power characteristics. Meter data provides the foundation for electric power transactions. CAISO-certified meter inspectors are responsible for testing and certifying meters in accordance with CAISO’s strict requirements. The inspector role requires integrity and pinpoint accuracy to ensure settlement quality meter data. After completing their training, Trimark’s inspectors understand all aspects of engineering support, installation, configuration, troubleshooting, testing and certification.

“From CAISO revenue meters to advanced system loss calculations, Trimark is dedicated to supporting our customer’s projects from start to finish,” said Kyle Jackson, Trimark’s Director of Metering Services.

In addition to CAISO revenue metering, Trimark leads the industry in complex system-loss metering; commercial-industrial metering; and meter data management and reporting to support rebate and incentive programs.

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