Trimark Advances its Industry Leading SCADA system with Automated Dispatch System (ADS) and Automated Generator Control (AGC) Sensing and Switching

Responding to industry demand, Trimark has automated the process of alternating between CAISO ADS and AGC control methods. This enhancement sets the stage for efficient integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems throughout the CAISO control area. By automatically sensing the mode of operation, generation resources can maximize revenues and easily bid into the AGC market taking advantage of favorable market price signals.

Long known as the leading provider of ADS solutions within the CAISO region, Trimark’s SCADA will continue enabling market compliance with additional flexibility. “By fully automating the ADS function to sense the correct Dispatch Operating Targets (DOTs), plant operators are freed from manually monitoring changes from the CAISO,” said Shane Morosky of Trimark’s Systems Integration team. 

This first of its kind integration with CAISO, Trimark’s automated ADS will assure continued resource compliance by ensuring that resources are not exceeding their DOT. Smart-grid technologies such as Trimark’s ADS/AGC will enable Control Area Operators and market participants to continue “Greening the Grid” and addressing matters like the Duck-Curve brought about through dense renewable power deployment.

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