Trimark Announces Launch of Consulting Services Practice

Trimark Associates, Inc., the industry leader in intelligent energy control, complex metering, and ISO compliance, today announced the formation of Trimark Consulting Services – a business unit dedicated to providing expert advice to PV, Battery, and microgrid project developers and owners.

Resource owners/developers often draw on industry veterans to help them meet the challenges of operating complex generation and storage resources in open energy markets. There is a wide range of complicated requirements surrounding developing, commissioning and operating grid-connected resources. Developers and Owners may need assistance defining comprehensive system specifications; joining an incentive program; or troubleshooting network performance. Trimark’s consulting experts are dedicated to sharing their experience to help solve the challenges posed by Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Large Generation Interconnection Agreements (LGIA), new resource implementation requirements (NRI), and NERC-CIP compliance.Trimark Consulting Services_L

“Whether developing a new site or optimizing an existing resource, Owners frequently seek expert advice,” explained Mark Morosky, Trimark CEO and President. “For example; balancing authorities and utilities set detailed requirements for revenue metering, controls and response to commands, communications, security and meteorologic measurements. Our experts can help Developers interpret these requirements, define appropriate control logic or metering schemes, then help write bid specifications and acceptance criteria to obtain what they need.”

While connecting resources to the grid can be a challenge, the energy market’s complex nature doesn’t end there. “Resource Owners often need guidance in meeting the participation requirements of incentive programs,” Mark added. “Those programs can be challenging to join and maintain because they require certified meters and Settlement Quality Meter Data on an ongoing basis.” Trimark Consulting Services will help you overcome the challenges of entry by helping resources streamline the application process and ensure accurate, regular reporting.

Trimark has given Scott Barrington responsibility for launching Trimark’s new venture. Scott has over 20 years of experience in the power generation industry working in roles including project manager, network engineer and now, leader of Trimark Consulting Services. His experience includes planning, design, installation, training, and maintenance. Scott has led control systems projects for utility-scale photovoltaic sites, microgrids, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), as well as networking, and security. Scott draws on Trimark’s team of subject matter experts to provide clients with solutions they need to successfully complete development, commissioning, operation, and maintenance activities.

Contact Scott Barrington for additional information.

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