Trimark Announces T1-S Vantage

Folsom, Calif. – Trimark Associates has announced T1-S Vantage, a performance management system that provides advanced control, reporting, and analytics. This utility-scale photovoltaic (PV) power generation management system is available via mobile app and browser-based interfaces.

T1-S Vantage is fully integrated into Trimark’s complete suite of solutions. The system gathers and presents data captured by data telemetry devices; revenue meters, and meteorological instruments. This unified system enables performance optimization, operations and maintenance management, and PPA compliance.

“We took a fresh approach to design a SCADA system specifically to address challenges of PV site management,” said Bob Wood, Chief Technology Officer, Trimark Associates. “We applied technology that wasn’t available a year ago to deliver tools for real-time information presentation, provide practical tools for the mobile worker, and consolidate site-wide control.”

A key capability of T1-S Vantage is its ability to control PV inverters, trackers, capacitor banks, and reclosers – all from a single interface. Control functions also enable authorized users, utilities, or balancing authorities to adjust generation parameters including maximum power, power factor, and reactive power.

T1-S Vantage’s feature-rich mobile interface presents key operational metrics, alerts and alarms. Field-deployed users can check site status, acknowledge alarms, take notes and photograph site conditions – all through the T1-S Vantage app on their smart phone or tablet.

The T1-S Vantage interface can be easily adjusted to match specific user requirements. “One of our development criteria was to enable a highly-configurable user experience,” said Wood. “T1-S can be organized to put the user’s highest-priority information right where they want to see it.” This configurability provides PV site operators, resource owners, asset managers and investors with views, reports and real time management tools for a single location or a portfolio of sites.

“T1-S Vantage is a window to Trimark’s complete suite of products and services,” said Mark Morosky, President and CEO, Trimark Associates. “This system extends Trimark’s strategic goal to provide end-to-end solutions that help electric power generation resources gain a competitive advantage.”

T1-S Vantage, coupled with Trimark’s complete suite of energy management solutions, provides a unified PV management and performance optimization solution. Key features of the system include:

  • Real-time data presentation and key metrics for system performance and site conditions;
  • Reliable and easy-to-access reporting and analytical support that is tied directly to site equipment and instrument data;
  • Role-specific notification ensures alarm and alerts are sent to the right people;
  • A rich mobile app that provides full site information, alerts and alarms – anytime, anywhere;
  • Advanced control of inverters, capacitor banks, and trackers that enables resource operators to manage multiple devices across an entire site from a single control console. T1-S Vantage lets users set ramp rates for change or schedule a set point change for the future;
  • Bi-directional, secure communications that allows an authorized balancing authority or utility to control power generation in context of overall grid requirements.

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