Trimark Chosen by Rosendin Electric to Provide Performance Monitoring and Management for 152 MW Beacon Solar SCADA

Folsom/ Chatsworth/ Sunnyvale Calif. & Norfolk, VA – Rosendin Electric has awarded Trimark Associates, Inc. (Trimark) a contract for monitoring and controlling three solar sites within the Beacon Solar SCADA project. The sites are located in California City, CA and will generate a combined 152 MW AC after construction. The sites have entered a power purchase agreement with The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.

Trimark will provide its unified Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, a data historian to archive and report mission-critical information, network connectivity, a cabinet to physically protect the servers, meteorological stations with all-in-one sensors to forecast potential generation, a customer check meter, and network drops to carry data and commands to and from the other site devices. This end-to-end solution ensures that the Beacon Solar SCADA sites will have a complete, integrated system and full-featured controls.

Trimark won the Beacon Solar SCADA project based on its extensive experience and thorough understanding of technology for monitoring and controlling utility-scale power production facilities. Trimark’s expertise is visible in the largest PV sites across the world including utility-scale solar sites Topaz (550 MW), Desert Sunlight (550 MW), Solar Star (579 MW), Redwood Cluster (60MW) and many others.


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Trimark Associates, Inc. (Trimark) is a leading provider of measurement, SCADA, monitoring and communications solutions for critical infrastructure. Trimark also develops reliable, affordable revenue-grade metering, monitoring, reporting, and control solutions required for ISO compliance, accurate billing and settlements, and operational optimization. To learn more about Trimark, follow us on Twitter @trimarkassoc193, on LinkedIn, visit or call (916) 357-5970.

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