Trimark Chosen to Provide Qualifying Facility (QF) Conversion Services for Four Hydroelectric Power Resources

Folsom/ Chatsworth/ Sunnyvale, CA & Norfolk, VA – Trimark Associates, Inc. (Trimark) has been chosen by Stoel Rives, LLP to guide the Bidwell, Hatchet, Roaring and Silver Springs hydroelectric power generation resources through the Qualifying Facility Conversion (QF) process.

Trimark will provide California Independent System Operator (CAISO)-certified revenue meters, as well as design, fabrication, testing and commissioning services related to revenue metering and meter data exchange connectivity. Located in Shasta County, the four resources deliver a combined 10.6 MW of hydro-driven generation.

Under the original Power Purchase Agreement, Pacific Gas & Electric bought power from all four sites. The impending contract expiration requires the sites to undergo the QF process and address the standards for a new, CAISO-certified, revenue meter and associated data communications circuit, as required by the California Public Utilities Commission.

Trimark has extensive experience providing the systems and services required to support a QF conversion process. Trimark’s QF expertise is visible in many hydroelectric sites across the country, including three sites totaling 60 MW of generation for the Nevada Irrigation District, located along the western edge of California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. Additionally, Trimark has successfully completed QF conversions for more than 25 hydro, wind, biomass and combustion power generation resources visible across California, and ranging from 1 MW to 495 MW.

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