Trimark Finalizes Controls for Phase 1A of World’s Largest PV+BESS Project

Trimark has delivered and fully commissioned plant controls for all resources in Edwards-Sanborn Phase 1A – the world’s largest capacity solar-plus-storage project. The seven resources included in the Mojave-based Phase 1A have a nameplate capacity of 810 MW (LGIA limit of 634 MW).

Each resource is managed by Trimark’s intelligent power plant controller (PPC), a utility-scale SCADA system designed to optimize the profitability of photovoltaic (PV) and battery energy storage system (BESS) resources that participate in California’s open energy markets.

Managing a fleet of renewable resources is a challenge; doing it on a shared circuit takes complexity to another level. To maximize output and support stable power at the point of delivery, each resource’s PPC must consider the losses introduced by any of the five hybrid (PV+BESS) and/or two BESS resources. Trimark’s Dynamic Loss Compensator (DLC) calculates energy losses for each resource and applies the value as a control point to the affiliated PPC. Each PPC then adjusts generation, charge and discharge decisions in real time to ensure that its resource delivers the maximum power allowed by the LGIA or the ISO’s target value.

The automated dispatch system also supports energy schedulers by automating many routine actions. For example, Trimark’s PPC accepts and executes secure ADS and AGC dispatches from the ISO and/or utility. These functions also enable the inherent BESS capabilities to serve the lucrative Spinning Reserve market.

Edwards Sanborn Phase 1B (in construction) will deploy another 877 MW of capacity from six additional resources, including two DC-coupled facilities. The combination of the two phases will ultimately add 1.7 GW (LGIA of 1.3 GW) of new renewable energy to the grid.

The Edwards-Sanborn project is owned and operated by Terra-Gen. Mortenson Construction is the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contractor. Terra-Gen and Mortenson selected Trimark to deliver plant SCADA and associated equipment. Under a separate contract with Electrical Consultants Inc., Trimark is also providing complex revenue metering, including CAISO-compliant revenue meters and revenue data submittals.

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