Trimark Introduces the TENetwork

Folsom, Calif. – Trimark has introduced the Trimark Enterprise Network (TENetwork), a private, secure network that can be quickly deployed for monitoring, control, and maintenance of SCADA systems and other computing systems located at distributed generation resources.

The TENetwork can be implemented at a significantly lower cost than other telecommunications options without the lead time required to install traditional, wired telecommunications infrastructure.

“In the past, developers and contractors who needed remote access to their site had to wait weeks or months for installation,” said Bob Wood, Chief Technology Officer, Trimark Associates. “With the TENetwork, we can establish communications within hours. And because it uses a cellular connection, we can provide coverage where land lines simply do not exist.”

“For new projects, this means you can maintain your construction schedule without waiting for a telecommunication company to install a separate line,” said Wood.

The TENetwork is a secure, private network that is dedicated to communicating control signals and operational data. Trimark partnered with Verizon to develop this service which is delivered over Verizon’s 4G LTE-based data network, the nation’s largest, most reliable network.

Access to the TENetwork is controlled by Trimark and restricted to sites and devices that have a business need to communicate within the network. Each TENetwork user’s traffic is isolated from all others to ensure privacy.


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Trimark Associates, Inc. (Trimark) is a leading provider of measurement, SCADA, monitoring and communications solutions for the electric power industry. Trimark develops reliable, affordable revenue-grade metering, monitoring and reporting solutions that power producers require for ISO compliance, accurate billing and settlements, and optimization of power production.

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