Trimark Launches the Trimark SMA Gateway – An OEM-Approved Replacement for the SMA Sunny WebBox

***NOTE: As of 2020, Trimark is no longer selling SMA Replacement Gateway TDGs. Please contact SMA to find an alternative solution.***

Trimark Associates, Inc., a leading provider of SCADA, metering, and energy storage technology solutions for the electric power industry, announces the launch of the Trimark SMA Gateway product. Designed around the Trimark Data Gateway (TDG), the SMA Gateway is a drop-in replacement for the discontinued SMA Sunny WebBox. The TDG is an industrial gateway loaded with a derivative of Trimark’s award-winning SCADA software. This platform provides a robust and resilient solution that will provide many years of reliable non-stop service in the demanding environments of photovoltaic power plants.

“Since production of the Sunny WebBox has been discontinued, SMA contacted Trimark to provide a third-party solution for the existing customer base,” said Mark Morosky, president of Trimark. ”With thousands of inverters potentially impacted by this discontinuation, Trimark developed a direct replacement as a solution. Our objectives for the product were to offer a solution that is readily available and simple to install.”

The Trimark SMA Gateway ships with easy-to-understand instructions on how to remove the old unit and install the new one. Once the unit is energized and connected to the inverter and a laptop computer, the technician will use a web browser to trigger the Trimark SMA Gateway to scan each serial port to find all connected SMA inverters and map the data into the Trimark SMA Gateway.

Mark Morosky commented, “The Gateway is the interface between your inverters and your monitoring solution. All of the data points that came with the original SMA equipment are identically replicated in the Trimark Gateway and there is no need to replace any existing monitoring equipment. Should you desire to explore the Trimark Vantage monitoring platform, we can provide a cloud based monitoring system for a single project or your entire portfolio.”

The Trimark SMA Gateway is ready for immediate shipment. Volume discounts are available. To learn more about the Trimark SMA Gateway and to understand the applicability of this product, visit our website at:

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