Trimark Marks 19-Year Anniversary

In April 2000 at the height of electric utility deregulation, Trimark was getting started. During this time, the vast majority of power plant construction was centered around natural gas combustion turbines. As the years went on, the environmental community pointed out that the carbon dioxide produced from burning fossil fuels was contributing to climate change. It became evident that a change of policy affecting future power generation in the West was on the horizon. With that in mind, the Trimark team formulated a plan to architect and deploy smart grid technologies that would enable the “Greening of the Grid.”

Technologies Supporting Green Power to the Grid

The technologies developed include our SCADA system which is purpose-built to monitor and control grid-scale photovoltaic (PV) power plants, microgrid control systems, and advanced battery energy storage logic controllers. Trimark’s SCADA enables resource owners to intelligently produce, store, and dispatch clean renewable energy. As new Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) laws were enacted, particularly here in California, our technologies were ready to support the industry requirements. Indeed, new laws were enacted and Trimark effectively and efficiently supports the delivery of clean green power to the grid.

Revolutionizing Utility-Scale PV Plants

In the early years, the first utility-scale PV plants we worked on were in the 1MW to 5MW range and as time went on, we were impressed by the scale of 100+ MW projects that covered several square miles. Today, our power plant control systems are installed at most of the large scale PV plants managing the day-to-day power production and maximizing returns for the project owners. Looking forward, we are excited about continuing our journey, developing solutions that manage the revolutionizing grid of the future. Here’s to another 19 years of innovation and greening the grid.


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Mark Morosky
President and CEO

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