Trimark Operations Center Expands Service to 24/7

New Electric Grid Resources Require Support to Ensure Compliance

Folsom, CA, February 7, 2022 – Trimark Associates, Inc., the industry leader in intelligent energy control, has expanded hours of the Trimark Operations Center (TOC) to provide 24/7 support to customers with Gold Level service contracts.

“We are excited to expand our operations center hours to support the business and operational requirements of battery resources and generation too,” said Mark Morosky, Trimark’s CEO and President. “We’ve always been known as the company that picks up the phone. Now we can do that for our Gold Level customers 24/7.”

Because battery systems may be contracted to deliver power day or night, resource operators may require Trimark’s assistance to help maintain up time. In addition, Trimark equipment controls and monitors PV resources across six time zones, from Maine to Hawaii. To serve PV resources during daylight, as well as to help clients who require extended service hours, customers now have the option of a service contract with 24-hour support.

What’s driving the change? A stable, carbon-neutral electric grid requires a significant increase in energy storage resources. As a result, developers are building utility-scale battery plants to meet demand during times of the day when intermittent resources (e.g. Solar, Wind) don’t generate power. Battery resources can also provide critical energy services such as frequency regulation or fast ramping. Unlike intermittent resources, utility-scale battery resources can contract to provide power and/or regulation 24/7.

As part of our end-to-end solution, the Trimark Operations Center provides long-term support to ensure seamless, continuous operations and decades of compliance.

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Trimark Associates, Inc. (Trimark), the industry leader in intelligent energy control, delivers industry-leading solutions to allow real-time operational control, enable informed management of power production operations, and ensure regulatory compliance. Trimark’s turnkey products, engineering, and customer support services control, measure, and manage all aspects of power production that utility-scale power producers require to maintain peak business performance.

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