Trimark Passes UL Inspection for Panels

Folsom – Trimark has passed the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) inspection for the 508A category which establishes requirements for fabricating industrial control panels. This UL category is required by many electric power generation plants.

This inspection elevates Trimark’s previous status as a UL-listed panel shop to allow Trimark to apply UL 508A labels to its network drop assemblies as well as to panels that house the Trimark Data Gateway (TDG), an industrial computer used for RIG and SCADA. The UL assessed Trimark’s standardized designs, tool usage, and overall fabrication methods during the successful inspection.

“Safety is a professional emphasis at Trimark because we are protecting our own team members who are frequently on site to install, test and certify systems that use these panels,” said Mark Morosky, Trimark’s President and CEO. “The authorization to add UL labels to our panels reinforces the fact that our fabrication methods meet the highest standards in the industry.”

Trimark’s UL listed shop is used to assemble meter panels, data acquisition system panels, SCADA devices, Remote Intelligent Gateways (RIGs), meteorological stations and solar panel back up power systems. While UL labeling is not required for all of these devices, Trimark applies the same high engineering standards and fabrication disciplines regardless of how the panel and devices will be used in the field.

Network drops are the links between intelligent devices and the fiber ring. There is typically one network drop required for each inverter skid (in a PV plant) or meteorological station. Like links in a chain, the reliability and integrity of the system relies on the quality of these network drops. The network drop itself typically includes a fiber ring switch, power supply, protective cabinet, patch cables and a UPS/Battery.

The 6U panel assembly is used to install Trimark’s T1-S Data Gateway (TDG), a high-functioning industrial computer, in a server rack. The TDG holds Trimark’s T1-S Gateway software application which can be configured as a RIG or SCADA system. The TDG also has extensive communication and IO capability. The 6U assembly includes the TDG, power supply and KVM.

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