Automated Dispatch System

Trimark’s Integrated ADS Response protects your downside. Instead of requiring your team to manually respond to the dispatch orders, your control room can simply verify the response at their computer.

Automated Dispatch System Response with SCADA Integration

With Trimark’s Integrated ADS Response, your control room can simply verify the response at their computer.

Automated Dispatch System

  • Is a California ISO (CAISO) business process for adjusting the production power of generation resources so CAISO can maintain stability throughout the grid
  • Is an application Scheduling Coordinators load on their computer to receive CAISO Dispatch Operating Target (DOT) instructions – Executing at the plant is a manual process
  • Is a secure messaging system that facilitates dispatch instructions to power generation resources who participate in the real-time energy market
  • Is a CAISO requirement for power producers to comply in response to FERC’s concern with grid reliability
  • Requires power producers must comply with Dispatch Operating Target (DOT) changes within five (5) minutes

Control Request Details

Trimark’s Integrated ADS Response

  • If the command meets the acceptance criteria, and the resource can deliver the power characteristic required, the ADS module will automatically coordinate adjustments across all plant devices (e.g. inverters, energy storage, capacitor banks) to meet the instruction.
  • Upon acceptance, CAISO expects the resource to smoothly ramp changes over two minutes to reach the new target. ADS module ensures that the changes in power characteristics at the point of interconnection occur in a controlled, manner, thereby avoiding grid disturbances.

ADS Dispatch Details

What does it cost?

  • The cost for automated ADS response varies with system integration requirements
    • We can integrate with any SCADA system – and have done so with Wind and PV
    • Pre-configuration reduces costs for sites with Trimark SCADA
    • Please call or email us for a quotation: 916-357-5970 or

How long does the system integration take?

  • For sites with Trimark SCADA, we can integrate ADS response module in about one week
  • For sites with other SCADA systems, the integration process will require approximately one month

What is the process?

  • Contact us at (916) 357-5970 or with this online form
  • We’ll prepare a proposal addressing your specific needs
  • You’ll need to provide the CAISO digital certificate
  • We’ll be there to deliver your Integrated ADS Response

Automated Response Process

  • CAISO sends instructions through their application to eliminate the risk of overloading the grid circuits
  • Scheduling Coordinators manually cascade to the production facilities the control dispatch so DOT compliance is maintained
  • Trimark can eliminate the manual process by automating the ADS response within any SCADA system
  • Trimark’s ADS response module integrates your SCADA system with CAISO ADS application to automate acceptance and execution of CAISO’s five-minute dispatch commands, including:
    • Start up
    • Shut down
    • Transition
    • Curtail
    • Ancillary service requests
  • CAISO allows 90 seconds for your resource to start the action; during this time the ADS module automatically responds:
    • Authenticates the command
    • Reviews the instruction against operational criteria
    • Executes the command
    • Documents the transaction
  • These dispatch functions support CAISO’s mission of managing California’s grid in real time

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