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Trimark is the leading California Independent System Operator (CAISO) meter and RIG provider and has the largest team of meter technicians and CAISO-certified meter inspectors.

Trimark Has Close Relationships With the Engineering and Operations Staff at CAISO

We’ve been there from the very beginning with CAISO, developing and implementing metering solutions that address even the most complex environments and changing market needs. Trimark’s operations team has a deep understanding of CAISO operational processes and works hand-in-hand with CAISO engineering and operations staff, helping them understand the evolving market challenges and how to address them.

Trimark’s metering team includes field-proven experts, metering scheme architects, and project managers. We’ll be there to help you meet your commercial operations date and maintain compliance in the future.

Trimark removes worry and guesswork from the meter-approval process. Trimark’s revenue metering solutions include consulting, equipment and field support. We help you design your metering architecture and communication network, select meter equipment, configure meters, fabricate panels, install meters in the field, conduct point-to-point testing, and conduct independent certification. After installation, we continue our support with automatic meter reading, meter re-certification, meter data management services, and maintenance services.

Over the past two years, PCWA has undergone a transition from having all communications to CAISO going through PG&E’s communication system to having a direct connection to CAISO. This has involved replacing, programming, and commissioning all CAISO meters at five Powerhouses. Trimark has been instrumental in making this process possible. From project management to the field work of the installations, Trimark has made the entire process very streamlined. Trimark’s experience and expertise in dealing will all levels of the NRI process to install and certify new meters has been invaluable for PCWA to complete this transition.
William Newman, P.E., Placer County Water Agency


Port of Stockton

Trimark’s certified CAISO meter technician assessed the existing meter installation to determine the suitability for the installation of redundant meters. He designed and assembled the backup meter enclosure, configured, installed, field tested, inspected and certified the new redundant load meters.

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Sunshine Valley Substation

Trimark provided project management, technical documentation, programming and configuration, and field installation of two meters, plus CAISO New Resource Implementation (NRI) services, including installation of the meters, pretesting, test schedule coordination, point-to-point testing, and meter certification by a CAISO certified inspector.

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Valentine Substation

Trimark provided CAISO New Resource Implementation (NRI) services, including installation of the meter, meter programming, pretesting, test schedule coordination, point-to-point testing, and meter certification by a CAISO certified inspector. Trimark continues to be a leader in CAISO meter inspection and certification, supporting sites in obtaining meter Certification and connecting to the CAISO grid.

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Having been through the CAISO bucket process with Trimark, we wouldn’t consider taking on the challenge ourselves. The resources Trimark brings to bear, coupled with their knowledge base of regulatory requirements, makes them an invaluable partner.

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