Service Agreements

With our in-depth Service Agreements, we offer a wide range of services to meet our client’s diverse needs. Service Agreements give you priority service with guaranteed response times.

Help maintain ISO compliance, extend equipment life, and ensure accurate revenue meter data for settlements and billing

Maintenance Services: Planned maintenance, emergency support, and equipment failure services

PV Site Operations and Maintenance Services: Continuous monitoring of the plant equipment at sites using Trimark SCADA system

Qualifying Reporting Entity (QRE) Meter Data Management Services: Incentive program data reporting

SCADA, Monitoring and Data Hosting Services: On secure servers at Trimark’s data centers in Folsom and Chatsworth, CA

Trimark TENetwork Services: Data communications for remote installations

Maintenance Service Agreements

Trimark provides ongoing Service Agreements to ensure that your equipment operates as expected and meets requirements to participate in open energy markets. With our comprehensive Service Agreement options, we’ve got you covered to resolve any issues that may arise.

  • Meters: Configure, inspect, clean, calibrate, test, battery replacement, and complete Meter and Site Verification (MSVS) forms
  • CAISO RIGs: Monitor, renew SSL security certificates, software updates, system back-ups, inspect, configure
  • SCADA hardware and software: Maintenance, software updates,  and file back-ups
  • Network drops: Inspect equipment and apply manufacturers’ updates
  • MET stations: Clean, calibrate and inspect
  • Emergency support: Resolve equipment failures and provide unplanned maintenance and troubleshooting

PV Site Operations & Maintenance Services

Trimark’s O&M services include monitoring plant equipment using Trimark’s SCADA system.

  • Electric and mechanical maintenance
  • MET station sensor maintenance
  • Efficiency reporting and maintenance

Meter Data Management Services

Trimark can ensure the reliability and availability of data collection from production resources.

  • Meter reading and validation
  • Data submittals
  • Incentive program services
  • SCADA data management

Vantage Hosting

Trimark can host a client’s Vantage and Historian on virtual, secure managed servers in Trimark’s data centers.

  • Maintenance of servers
  • Software updates
  • System backups
  • System replication

TENetwork Services

The TENetwork provides data communications for access to meters, SCADA systems, and other intelligent devices.

  • Secure communications
  • Users’ traffic isolated for privacy

Trimark’s Client Care team monitors clients’ equipment in real time

Trimark Operations Center

Trimark retains all Service Agreements in a detailed database to safeguard the records of all maintenance performed.

Trimark’s Operations Center team monitors clients’ equipment in real time using Trimark Vantage application. This application constantly contacts the equipment to determine if it is online and operating properly.

Trimark Operations Center

Available from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Time.

We’ve had annual service agreements with Trimark for several of our power plants for years. Their customer service is always responsive and professional, making sure we get the support that we need. Trimark’s meter and network technicians are sharp and focus on problem resolution, assisting us with CAISO metering and communication requirements.
Brian Barnock, Electrical Project Engineer, Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County


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Clearway Energy Multi-Site Maintenance Service Agreements

Multi-year service agreement with Trimark Operations Center (TOC) for planned maintenance, monitoring, emergency support, and equipment failure services for Remote Intelligent Gateways (RIGs) and/or meters.

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CAISO requires all Scheduling Coordinators that submit Settlement Quality Meter Data (SQMD) to CASIO to annually affirm that their SQMD meets the requirements of their approved SQMD Plan. Trimark performed an audit of GridX’s compliance to the approved SQMD Plan for the Monterey Bay Community Power Community Choice Aggregation program in support of the required CAISO Affirmation.

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Longroad Energy Multi-Site Maintenance and Data Management Service Agreements

Multi-year service agreement with Trimark Operations Center (TOC) for various services, including planned maintenance, monitoring, emergency support, and equipment failure services for Remote Intelligent Gateways (RIGs) and meters; meter data management services for the Western Renewable Energy Generation System (WREGIS) reporting and for the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Solar Carve-Out II Program which is part of the Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC).

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