Monitor and manage performance for a site, an entire portfolio of sites, and site devices with Trimark’s SCADA. Trimark married advanced SCADA functions with intuitive analytical tools to meet both operational and business needs of resource owners, operators, and maintenance teams.

A Single, Unified Solution for PV Control and Management

Utility-scale solar resources are complex and generate large amounts of data. The equipment at these sites create thousands of data points. Actions require immediate analysis and response. To address the unique challenges to maximize PV power generation, a SCADA system with precise monitoring and detailed analysis capabilities is needed.

From reporting to forecasting, Trimark provides a complete utility-scale SCADA system, including measurement, automation, logic, and performance management. It’s exactly what you need to maximize uptime, meet revenue commitments, optimize asset life, and fine tune performance.

Trimark’s SCADA solution combines intelligent automation, real-time control and a highly intuitive user interface. SCADA lets you reach across your entire portfolio or down to any device at any site. You can manage your system from a web browser or even a mobile app using Trimark Vantage, our intuitive user interface. You can also let the system automate routine actions, process external commands, and deliver exact power values at the point of interconnection.

Trimark Associates ranked #1 worldwide for utility-scale solar monitoring at 170 plants producing 6.5 GW of power.
Green Tech Media

Manage your Power Production with Trimark SCADA

Trimark’s SCADA system enables real time monitoring and pinpoint control, along with customizable reports that are used to analyze and optimize performance. The system monitors and controls a variety of devices at utility-scale sites, such as inverters, meters, trackers, meteorological stations, sensors, and other smart devices. The data from these devices is used to highlight deficient performance and point out the need for maintenance activities.

We continually work to evolve our system to meet our clients’ needs. Our ongoing advancements illustrate how powerful a SCADA system can be to ensure solar power plants operate and perform as intended.

Trimark SCADA System

SCADA − Gathers and relays data; performs control logic and operations

Historian − Collects and stores operational data for use in reports, controls, and real time displays

Vantage User Interface – Displays real-time data for monitoring and control, enables users to issue commands, notifies users about alarms and alerts, and generates reports that support performance

Data Gateway – Provides industrial-strength automation, control, and secure bi-directional data telemetry

Revenue Metering – Ensures equitable settlements and measures exact performance

Meteorological Stations – Measures key environmental factors that impact performance

Server Racks and Network Drop – Delivers security and connectivity in a durable configuration

All of these features can be managed via local, remote, and mobile access.

Innovative Design In-House

Trimark’s SCADA system was developed and designed in-house, adding value, functionality, innovative features, and customizable configurations to match each client’s specific requirements. Our engineering team works with inverter manufacturers to develop data libraries needed to collect performance data. Then we collaborate with the performance management team to automate the analytics that boost revenues. Ongoing upgrades and product innovations are the norm, integrating advanced controls and analytic features that result in improved performance.


It’s a pleasure working with the Trimark team. Their depth of knowledge with all stakeholders in the solar industry is unparalleled. I’m also very impressed by their interactions with our utility offtaker clients. They clearly see the value in both subject matter expertise and customer service.
Khalid Simjee, Senior Project Manager, sPower

Trimark’s SCADA Platform Features

  • Secure, bi-directional data telemetry
  • Real-time data collection from site devices
  • Real-time monitoring and management of site performance – via web browser or mobile device
    • Real and reactive power at POI
    • Site conditions
    • Equipment status
  • Portfolio-wide management from a single dashboard
  • Advanced inverter control for curtailment for all types of inverters
  • Automated Voltage Regulation and integrated capacitor bank controls
  • Automatic Generation Control
  • CAISO Automated Dispatch System (ADS)
  • Frequency control
  • NERC CIP compliance
  • Customizable alerts and alarms
  • Historical performance reports

Trimark SCADA Meets Your Business Objectives

  • Fast track implementation to ensure you meet commercial operations date (COD) commitments
  • Performance management features to enable ongoing profitability
  • Advanced controls to support grid stability

Unique Functions, Better Control

  • Monitor and control all types of inverters, trackers, MET instruments, and storage systems
  • Guarantee a desired real power setpoint at the POI regardless of site conditions
  • Regulate power production with Automatic Generation Control (AGC) and CAISO Automated Dispatch System (ADS)
  • Monitor and manage performance for a site, an entire portfolio of sites, and site devices
  • Support NERC CIP compliance

Key Differentiators of the SCADA Platform

  • You don’t need to be an engineer to use Trimark Vantage User Interface. It’s built to look and feel like a business tool.
  • Trimark married advanced SCADA functions with intuitive analytical tools to meet both OPERATIONAL AND BUSINESS needs of resource owners, operators, and maintenance teams.

Trimark SCADA’s Best Practices: Measure, Monitor, and Control

  • Track power characteristics at the point of interconnection (POI)
  • Monitor all devices in real-time
  • Coordinate operation of control devices
  • Retain all historical data
  • Secure authority and access
  • Automate control requirements
  • Integrate with remote systems

Did You Know?

Trimark’s metering, RIG, and SCADA products and services are used in large-scale PV facilities: Topaz Solar Farm (550MW), Solar Star (579MW), and Desert Sunlight (550MW).

Trimark SCADA Monitors, Manages and Controls Power Plant Operations

  • Maximize uptime
  • Meet revenue commitments
  • Optimize asset life
  • Fine tune performance for maximum profitability

Utility-Scale PV SCADA System

  • Real-time monitoring and management – via browser or mobile
  • Advanced controls (Curtailment, Voltage Regulation, Frequency, Volt-VAR, Cap Bank)
  • Reports
  • Alerts and alarms
  • Forecasting

SCADA Gives You  Command of Your Site, Data, and Performance

  • See exactly how your plant is operating with clear, concise data
  • Curtail automatically when a utility sends a signal to curtail
  • Log in anywhere your people are located to see the data using a cell phone or iPad


Lancaster WAD B

Developed, owned, and operated by Sustainable Power Group (sPower), this site is a 3MW 12kV site that directly ties into the local distribution line. Featuring an outdoor enclosure configuration, this project features a fully self-contained, climate controlled SCADA enclosure with more than 8 hours of backup run time, 2 Solectria SGI750TM and a NEXTracker tracking system. Rosendin Electric, Inc. was the EPC responsible for managing construction. Trimark was contracted to deliver a fully functional PV SCADA system, revenue metering, and meteorological stations to manage the site, maximize profitability, and generate next level production analytics.

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Garland Solar

The Garland Solar project is owned by Southern Power and Recurrent Energy. Trimark provided an integrated solution for PV control, compliance, and accurate settlements.

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Bayshore A, B, and C

Developed, owned, and operated by Sustainable Power Group (sPower), these sites included at total of 21 Power Electronic 2330kW inverters, and an ATI V3.0 tracking system. As part of the Big Sky Substation to aggregation of renewable resources, these sites were included in the Master Plant Controller to provide a central source of voltage and VAR regulation to support greater grid stability. The Bayshore sites became the 6th, 7th, and 8th additions to the Big Sky Substation. Signal Energy was the EPC responsible for managing construction. Trimark was given the responsibility to establish power regulation through its SCADA platform and integrate it with the Big Sky Substation Master Plant Controller for further grid stability support.

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"In a year-end situation where you have to be online, things can be panicked. Trimark just jumps and says, we can get this done."
Randy Corey, Vice President, sPower

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