Trimark Reaches 15-Year Milestone

Folsom, Calif. – On April 4, 2015, Trimark Associates celebrated our 15-year anniversary.

“We’ve grown our business by delivering superior customer service and applying technical excellence on every project,” said Mark Morosky, President and CEO, Trimark. “This approach has established Trimark as the industry leader in revenue metering and data telemetry solutions.”Trimark 15th Anniversary Logo V2 8 in

Trimark-15th-Anniversary-LogoTrimark has grown in each of its 15 years in business – in revenue, staff and range of services.“We started with two people and a 700 square foot office in El Dorado Hills,” said Morosky. “We now employ more than 75 staff members across offices in Virginia, Southern California and our headquarters in Folsom, California.”

Trimark’s growth corresponds with several concurrent industry changes. Significantly, the move toward regional balancing authorities providing oversight and settlement services resulted in development and application of standards for revenue metering and data telemetry. Trimark applies considerable domain expertise in these regulations to guide customers through the processes and requirements to connect to the grid and sell power.

Trimark also developed a Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) system to provide secure, bi-directional data telemetry. This system, branded T1-S Gateway, provides data that the CAISO requires to manage California’s electric grid in real time.

Over the same period, many states mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) which require a specific percentage of power be sourced from renewable resources. The RPS was the catalyst for development of numerous new power generation resources including solar, wind, biomass, and biogas, among others.

“We take great pride in our contribution to the greening of the grid,” said Morosky. “Trimark has provided ISO-compliant revenue metering and data telemetry solutions to solar generation ranging from 1 MW to over 550 MW.”

Finally, resource owners are demanding better tools to monitor, manage and control their solar generation facilities. Recognizing this opportunity, Trimark developed a highly-capable SCADA system designed to meet the unique challenges of managing PV power generation.

Trimark is continuing to grow and expand services geographically, technologically and even into new industry segments. “When we see a management concern that we can solve, we find a way to remove that pain for the customer,” said Morosky.

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