Trimark Supports Fast-Track Commissioning of SCE’s Mira Loma 20MW Energy Storage Resource

Folsom, CA – Trimark has delivered CAISO-certified revenue metering and telemetry systems on an accelerated schedule to support Southern California Edison (SCE) in commissioning the 20 MW / 80 MWh Mira Loma Bulk Energy Storage System (BESS).

The project, which began in September 2016, met its commercial operations date of December 31, 2016 following an intensive collaboration effort between SCE, CAISO, Tesla, Swinerton and Trimark.

SCE put the project on a fast track in order to meet state-imposed deadlines to deploy new energy storage following the shutdown of the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility. During the project, Trimark helped expedite completion of CAISO’s New Resource Integration process and delivered fully-commissioned meters and secure data telemetry to meet the accelerated deadline. The entire energy storage project was deployed in about four months.

Trimark worked directly with SCE and their contractor, Swinerton, to provide, integrate, test, and commission CAISO revenue metering. Trimark also integrated the site’s real-time operational data with SCE’s aggregating RIG, which Trimark provided earlier under a separate contract. By utilizing the existing aggregating RIG, SCE was able to expedite the project and reduce costs for data telemetry.

The project is built using 20 MW of self-contained Tesla Powerpacks. The Powerpack is Tesla’s utility-scale version of their Powerwall battery storage system that is intended for residential use.

The Mira Loma BESS project joins the Pomona Energy Storage Facility as one of two, new, grid-connected 20 MW battery storage projects. Both projects were commissioned in December 2016.

These battery storage projects are among the first resources to meet the California Public Utilities Commission directive that utilities install 1.3 gigawatts of storage capacity by 2020.


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Trimark Associates, Inc. (Trimark) is a leading provider of measurement, SCADA, monitoring and communications solutions for critical infrastructure.

Trimark’s integrated bulk energy storage systems unify metering, monitoring and controls required to align utility-scale storage with generation, connect to the electric grid and participate in real-time energy markets.

Trimark delivers certified revenue metering and secure, real-time data telemetry. Trimark also provides integrated, PV-storage control systems that manage firming, shaping and energy reallocation logic; automate responses to AGC dispatches; and monitor performance.

Trimark also develops reliable, affordable revenue-grade metering, monitoring, reporting, and control solutions required for ISO compliance, accurate billing and settlements, and operational optimization. To learn more about Trimark, visit or call (916) 357-5970.


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