Trimark to Monitor BART Electrical Use for NCPA

Folsom, Calif. – Trimark has been contracted to collect and validate electric load meter data for power used by the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART).

Northern California Power Agency (NCPA), which supplies electric power to BART, contracted Trimark to provide Meter Data Management Agent Services including daily meter reading and validation of data from approximately 117 load meters located throughout BART’s transit system. These load meters measure BART’s power consumption at key points throughout its 107 miles of track and associated high voltage stations, traction power substations, switching stations, gap breaker stations, and passenger stations.

The meter data will provide NCPA with information about when and how much power is used by BART. This data will be used for settlements and will further support management of BART’s energy needs. The Meter data collected from the BART system will also be submitted to CAISO and this information will be used by the CAISO to manage the electric gird throughout the state of California.

“NCPA values the Meter Data Management services provided by Trimark,” said Tony Zimmer, Supervisor of Industry Restructuring and Interconnection Affairs for NCPA. “The BART load meter data collected by Trimark will support a variety of activities including forecasting, portfolio management and settlements.”

According to BART, their trains are 100% electric. A majority of the power used for propulsion comes from clean, emission free hydroelectric and solar resources. Each of the 669 BART train cars is propelled by four, 150 hp electric “traction power” motors attached to the car’s axles. These electric motors obtain 1000 volts of DC power from an energized third rail.

Through this contract, Trimark will work as NCPA’s authorized Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA) to collect energy usage data via both remote and direct meter access. Trimark will utilize its MV-90 software system to directly read more than 90 meters that are accessible through secure network connections. The remaining meters will be read directly by PG&E, who will then provide the data to Trimark. Acting as NCPA’s MDMA, Trimark will process, validate, store and transmit Settlement Quality Meter Data (SQMD) to NCPA for use in meeting CAISO meter data submittal requirements.

Trimark is a certified Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA) that resource owners, authorities and ISOs trust to collect, validate and deliver Settlement Quality Meter Data (SQMD). As an MDMA, Trimark validates meter data supporting more than $1 Billion in electricity transactions each year.

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