Trimark Validates $1 Billion in Energy Transactions

Clients Trust Trimark with Mission-Critical Revenue Data

Folsom, Calif. – During the annual audit of its Meter Data Management group, Trimark documented that it validates meter data for 24 million megawatt hours of energy transactions, with a market value exceeding $1 billion. This marks a 263% growth in Trimark’s MDM services.

“This affirms that our clients trust Trimark to support their financial decisions,” said Mark Morosky, Trimark’s President and CEO. “By honoring this trust we have earned the opportunity to validate transactions for a significant portion of the industry.” The California energy market is valued at $8 billion.

Trimark’s growth in data validation services is due to a variety of factors including the addition of numerous solar generation facilities; a major wind power resource owner using Trimark MDM services; commercial meters for the City of Roseville; and several power generation facilities to Trimark’s service portfolio.

Complementing the increase in customers, Trimark’s MDMA team recently migrated a legacy MDM system to Itron’s MV-90 4.0 – the industry’s leading system for collecting and processing interval data from complex metering devices. This migration has enabled Trimark to bring meter reading and data management in-house for increased security while improving validation processes and increasing the granularity of data available to our customers.

Trimark’s Meter Data Management team provides meter validation services for independent power producers, municipalities and utilities. Customers use this data for a variety of purposes. The Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority (PWRPA), a large energy wholesale company, relies on Trimark’s meter reading and data validation to support accurate power usage forecasts. “I trust Trimark to deliver the accurate load meter data I need to manage $15 to $25 million of power purchases each year,” said Kent Palmerton, General Manager, PWRPA.

Other customers utilize Trimark’s validated meter data to support various energy consumption metrics. For example, Time of Use (TOU) meter data, a key billing determinant, establishes what a custromer pays for electricity during various times of the day. Meter data is also used to establish energy profiles to guide conservation efforts. Finally, load or generation data is used for planning, related to setting cost allocations for different customers, determining capital investments, and rebate program pricing.

Trimark’s MDM services also enable participation in incentive programs such as California Solar Initiative (CSI), the Self Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), and Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS).

Trimark is a certified Meter Service Provider (MSP) and a Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA). Trimark has been certified to perform MDMA services since 2002. Members of Trimark’s staff have been involved in metering and meter data management since the advent of electronic meter reading.

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