Trimark’s RIG is First to Deliver 2048-Bit Encryption

Folsom, Calif. – Trimark is the first CAISO-certified RIG provider to validate that their Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) system meets CAISO’s new 2048-bit encryption standard for SSL security. This new standard goes into effect January 1, 2015.

“As part of our dedication to continuous improvement of data security, Trimark conducted rigorous internal testing of our T1-S Gateway RIG software to confirm compatibility with CAISO’s new encryption protocol,” said Robert Wood, Trimark’s Chief Technology Officer. “I’m pleased to announce that T1-S Gateway successfully passed CAISO testing.”

As of the date of this notice, Trimark Associates is the only certified RIG vendorwho has met the new requirement.

“Trimark endorses improved encryption as a step toward protecting our electric power infrastructure and the security of information systems used to ensure grid stability,” said Wood.

Beginning January 1, 2015, CAISO will offer 2048-bit SSL security certificates that are valid for three years. Previous SSL certificates were based on 1024-bit encryption and valid for one year. According to CAISO, the new certificates are available only “to those customers affiliated with a RIG vendor who has successfully tested the new level of encryption with the CAISO. At this time, not all vendors have successfully met this requirement.”

“At Trimark, we understand that by providing you a RIG we’ve entered an ongoing partnership to help you to meet CAISO’s requirements and participate in the energy markets without interruption,” said Mark Morosky, Trimark’s President and CEO. “We’ll be there with application development to enhance our RIG and a dedicated team to provide service and ensure compliance for many years to come.”

Trimark has a full-time RIG software development team that is actively engaged in system enhancement initiatives, such as meeting the 2048 encryption requirement. This team continues to improve the security and reliability of T1-S Gateway.

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