West Hills Construction Chooses Trimark as Complete CAISO Requirements Partner for Little Rock Pham Solar Project

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Folsom/ Chatsworth/ Sunnyvale Calif. & Norfolk, VA – West Hills Construction, a general contracting firm based in Corona, CA, has awarded Trimark Associates Inc. (Trimark) a technology, services and consulting contract to address both regulatory compliance and operational control for the Little Rock Pham Solar project. Little Rock is a 3MW photovoltaic (PV) generation site located in Palmdale, CA.

The Little Rock Pham Solar project must meet grid regulator, California Independent System Operator’s (CAISO) and host utility, Southern California Edison’s (SCE) New Resource Implementation (NRI) requirements for revenue metering, data telemetry and meteorological data. In addition to providing these services, additional elements of the project include Trimark’s power generation control and monitoring system, T1-S Gateway SCADA™, and physical and cyber protection of on-site equipment. This end-to-end solution ensures that the Little Rock Pham Solar project will have a complete, integrated CAISO compliant system including full featured controls. Trimark will also be on the ground-level with West Hills Construction offering CAISO and SCE consulting and support – critical insight through the NRI process that eliminates the guesswork from their path to interconnection.

Trimark’s expertise in delivering comprehensive PV power management solutions is visible in numerous, similar facilities across the United States including utility-scale solar sites Topaz (550 MW), Desert Sunlight (550 MW), and Solar Inverter Control’s for the 20MW Cascade.


About Trimark

Trimark Associates, Inc. (Trimark) is a leading provider of measurement, SCADA, monitoring and communications solutions for critical infrastructure. Trimark also develops reliable, affordable revenue-grade metering, monitoring, reporting, and control solutions required for ISO compliance, accurate billing and settlements, and operational optimization.

Trimark celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and has grown in each of its 15 years in business – in revenue, range of services and staff. The company began with two people and a 700 square foot office in El Dorado Hills, and now employs more than 80 members across offices in Virginia, Southern California and its headquarters in Folsom, California. To learn more about Trimark, follow us on Twitter @trimarkassoc193, on LinkedIn, visit www.TrimarkAssoc.com or call (916) 357-5970.

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