Who Trusts Trimark?

Who Trusts Trimark?

When the largest power-generation resource owners and EPCs need a partner they can trust, they turn to Trimark.

Whether controlling PV, Battery Storage and substations; stabilizing power at the point of interconnection; certifying revenue meters; or deploying real-time and secure communications, resource owners are confident that Trimark will deliver. Not only do we help you get through commissioning, we support your project with warranty and real-time monitoring services for the long haul. Learn More.

Here are a few of the generation resources that trust Trimark:

  • Largest Power Plant in California: 2.25 GW
  • Largest Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Plant in California:
    • Helm Pumped Storage Plant – 1.212 GW
  • Largest Operating PV Plants in California:
    • Mount Signal – 794 MW
    • Solar Star – 579 MW
    • Topaz – 550 MW
    • Desert Sunlight – 550 MW
    • Agua Caliente – 290 MW
    • California Flats – 280 MW
    • California Valley Solar Ranch – 250 MW
    • Antelope Valley Solar Ranch – 230 MW
    • We are providing SCADA, Meters, RIGs and other services to additional, large sites under construction
  • Largest Wind Plants in California:
    • Alta Wind – 1.55 GW
    • Tehachapi Pass Wind – 710 MW
    • Shiloh Wind – Combined 505 MW
  • Largest Combined PV-BESS Project in the World:
    • Edwards-Sanborn – Under construction. When fully commissioned, the site will generate 1,118 megawatts (MW) solar and provide 2,165 megawatt-hours (MWh) of energy storage.

Other Notable Plants:

  • Moss Landing – currently 1.02 GW (formerly generated 2.27 GW until portions of plant were decommissioned)

Looking for a Partner you can count on? We’re here to help.

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Trimark Associates, Inc. (Trimark) delivers industry-leading solutions to allow real-time operational control, enable informed management of power production operations, and ensure regulatory compliance. Trimark’s turnkey products, engineering, and customer support services control, measure, and manage all aspects of power production that utility-scale power producers require to maintain peak business performance.

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