When Trimark was founded in 2000, the definition of the electric utility market had been well established and understood. Monopolistic utilities generated power at large scale power plants, moved the power over their own transmission lines, and, in most cases, delivered the power directly to their captive customers. The new century started a redefinition of that business model that continues to be refined and redefined.

The restructuring of the integrated utilities into generation, transmission and retail service providers was the first wave. That restructuring laid the foundation for a new group of market participants, such as independent power producers, at risk transmission power transmission operators, and retail energy choice providers. A wave of renewable energy production followed as social and environmental concerns arose over greenhouse gas emissions, exposure to radioactive discharges and waste, and disruption of nature waterways. Utility regulators worked feverishly to adopt new regulations and the utilities, in turn, revised their business approaches to comply.

At the same time, the business use of computer technology enabled and supported these shifting business processes. Trimark’s founders perceived these trends as an opportunity to provide technical solutions that would enable the evolving utility marketplace. We have devised systems and services to provide solutions for all of the new utility market participants.

Developers and Independent Power Producers

Concerned about the economic viability of the projects you are planning or have funded? Tired of plodding through mountains of meaningless data to find out what the real performance of your assets are? Contact Trimark to learn how our customized performance and financial reporting systems can ease the pain. Trimark will work with you to define the exact data that you want to collect and then put it into easy to understand reports, graphs, and charts. Turning data into actionable information, that is what Trimark's SCADA application will do for you.

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Working on a proposal for a utility scale PV or BESS project? Do you need Indicative Pricing or a Detailed Proposal for a full scale SCADA system? Trimark is your one stop shop for everything you need whether that is monitoring, DAS, advanced controls, metering, MET equipment, or performance management. Our proposal preparation team can prepare a scope and fee package within days. Just send us the Single Line Diagram, SCADA/DAS specification, or network diagram for your project. Trimark can provide you with single source pricing for your entire package.

Independent System/Grid Operators (ISO)

Keeping the grid operating at peak performance and with high reliability is a demanding job. Accurate data, delivered in real time, is the foundation of successful operations. Whether you are building power generation resources yourself or you are working with 3rd party power providers, Trimark can provide a system that will ensure your get the data you need. Stand alone resource data reporting? No problem! Integrated power production and storage data? No problem! Real time control for meeting production schedules, maintaining voltage and frequency, and responding to curtailments? No problem! Trimark SCADA systems are designed and implemented by Electrical Engineers with years of utility experience. Let us put that experience to work for you.

Utility System Operators

The utility world is being turned upside down by the flood of renewable energy, battery storage, and distributed power resources. The proven model of central generation - connected to transmission and distribution circuits, and serving conventional loads - is strained to its limits. Utilities must innovate and automate to manage all of these new power resources. Trimark can help you regain command of them. Whether it is a SCADA system for monitoring and control or a metering system for automating settlements, Trimark has a solution that is flexible and adaptable to the new utility business models.


Are you in need of a certified small business contractor to help with your metering and SCADA systems projects? If so, Trimark is here for you. We are a qualified GSA contractor offering technology solutions that are installed and commissioned by our highly experienced specialists. Our list of satisfied customers includes the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, and the U.S Army. Our team has the security credentials to work at Top Secret sites with the most secure computer networks. Let Trimark bring these skills and experience to your next technology-based project.

Facilities Maintenance

Do your job duties include keeping power system equipment operating a peak performance levels? Do you perform those duties leveraging technology such as SCADA and metering systems? If not, you might want to consider a conversation with the Trimark Operations Center team. They can help you understand how technology-based systems can enable improved performance and reduce operations and maintenance costs. Whether we install a system for you to use or you decide to have Trimark provide the services under a Service Agreement, a properly designed and installed performance platform is the key to success.
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