Trimark helps companies connect onto the electric grid so they can generate power and sell energy to utilities. Trimark provides companies with the tools they need to monitor, measure, control, and manage their operations. These tools ensure grid stability and help maximize power production, leading to increased revenue for all types of sites, including solar / photovoltaic (PV), wind, cogeneration, hydroelectric, biomass, and natural gas.

Trimark’s full-featured SCADA systems, developed in-house by our engineering team, include advanced data analytics. We integrate our systems with revenue meters, meteorological stations, battery energy storage, and network drops to deliver an all-encompassing solution. Working closely with developers, EPCs, utilities, solar contractors, independent power producers, and owners, Trimark customizes a mix of products and installation services to meet each company’s unique requirements. We follow-up with ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure operational excellence.

Utility-Scale Expertise

Trimark provides valuable guidance during the design phase of a utility-scale PV project to avoid troublesome costs and schedule issues down the road. We understand the complexities of fiber optic communication networks, inverter network connections, DC string level monitoring, and many other critical factors. By engaging us upfront and capitalizing on our experience, we can help you reduce costs and streamline construction.

When you work with us, you benefit from our experienced team of engineers, as well as our certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), who manage your project from start to finish. We offer a turnkey product portfolio so you can work with just a single vendor, ensuring long term stability and availability.

Our product innovations and upgrades center on satisfying your current and future needs with the goal of maximizing energy generation and revenue. We will be there with you for the long run to manage all of your energy challenges.

Trimark’s Products and Services

  • Enable real time control over equipment and operations
  • Ensure stable power at the point of interconnection
  • Assure your site meets regulatory compliance requirements
  • Enable informed decisions by providing detailed reports on operational efficiency
  • Ensure accurate revenue meter settlement data
  • Help fine tune a site’s performance to maximize revenue
  • Control infrastructure and O&M costs

Trimark’s products and services ensure operational excellence, safety, and grid stability for the electric energy industry, focusing on utility-scale power production sites.


Trimark is the leading provider of utility-scale solar SCADA monitoring and control solutions

Battery Energy Storage

Trimark offers an integrated solution to battery energy storage

CAISO Compliance Package

Trimark is the leader in providing California ISO (CAISO) services to energy service providers


We’ve been on the leading edge of developing metering solutions since Trimark’s inception in 2000

Service Agreements

Service Agreements give you priority service with guaranteed response times

From reporting to forecasting, Trimark provides a complete utility-scale SCADA system, including measurement, automation, logic, and performance management. It’s exactly what you need to maximize uptime, meet revenue commitments, optimize asset life, and fine tune performance.

Trimark’s SCADA solution combines intelligent automation, real-time control and a highly intuitive user interface. It monitors and controls a variety of devices, such as inverters, meters, trackers, meteorological stations, sensors, and other smart devices. The data from these devices is used to highlight deficient performance and point out the need for maintenance activities.

CAISO logo

California ISO (CAISO) is a regulatory organization tasked with monitoring, metering, and balancing the electrical system within participating regions of California and Nevada. Electrical wholesale generation entities and Qualifying Facilities (QF) must procure and install metering and data telemetry equipment to communicate with and connect to SCADA and MV-90 systems using CAISO’s energy communication network (ECN).

Balancing the amount and quality of power carried on the transmission grid is a primary mission of CAISO. Revenue meters measure the quality and quantity of power entering and exiting the transmission grid, establishing a precise basis for settling payments. CAISO also monitors real time data for each generation resource through a Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG). A RIG sends control commands that ensure grid stability and prevent circuit overloading.

Revenue grade meters are the cash registers of the electric industry. Meters capture power production data that determines revenue settlement payments. To maximize revenue, meters must be properly configured, so it literally pays to get it right.

Having a reliable partner for your metering needs is critical to your bottom line. Who do you trust with millions of dollars of revenue at stake? Trimark’s project managers, field engineers, and certified meter inspectors are more than qualified to meet all of your metering needs. Trimark brings unsurpassed experience, designing and managing metering projects from a simple 1 MW cogeneration site to a 2.3 GW nuclear power plant. We’ve done it all!



With our in-depth Service Agreements, we offer a wide range of services to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Service Agreements give you priority service with guaranteed response times.

  • Help maintain ISO compliance
  • Extend equipment life
  • Ensure accurate revenue meter data for settlements and billing

Certified Experts to Solve your Issues

  • California licensed C-10 Electrical Contractor #816159
  • CAISO Certified Meter Technicians and Inspectors
  • CAISO Third-Party RIG Engineering Firm
  • CAISO Meter Data Management Agent

Trimark Operations Center

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