Antelope DSR3

network drop interior 1Project Type: PV generating facility rated at 20 MW

Location: Los Angeles County, CA

Client/EPC: Cupertino Electric/sPower

Products/Services: Trimark provided an end-to-end solution, including a virtual server which runs the Trimark SCADA System with Historian, 3 revenue meters with integration into a Trimark loss compensation system and 4 network drops. Trimark additionally integrated this resource into an existing CAISO RIG, provided CAISO New Resource Implementation (NRI) services, met NERC/CIP Network Compliance and coordinated with a third party vendor to integrate MET Stations and sensors into Trimarks SCADA. To meet CAISO Market and SCE Transmission requirements, controls at the POI were done by integrating into the Trimark Master Plant Controller (MPC) at the sPower Big Sky Substation. 

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