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Trimark Adds Project Manager and QA Staff

June 10th, 2015

Trimark has recently added staff members in Project Management, Software Development and Reception.

Trimark Adds Kent Palmerton to Executive Team

June 8th, 2015

Trimark is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Kent Palmerton to Trimark’s executive management team.



Asia Pacific Clean Energy Conference

August 24, 2015 — August 26, 2015
Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, HI

Trimark will be participating as an event sponsor, exhibitor, and speaker. This event is co-located with the Asia Pacific Resilience Innovation Summits and Expo.

SEPA Solar Integration Workshop

April 30, 2015 — April 30, 2015
San Diego, CA

Trimark is an event sponsor. Trimark’s Margaret Miller and Robin Adamson will attend. Click here for further information on the event.