Trimark Announces Realtime Monitoring of CAISO RIGs

Customers can receive alerts if an outage occurs and view details to expedite mitigation.

Trimark Associates, Inc., the industry leader in CAISO compliance, has announced Realtime Monitoring of data points in its Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) including the status of the Energy Communications Network (ECN) and revenue meter data.

CAISO requires these systems for resources that participate in California’s energy market. An outage of the RIG, ECN or meter can result in noncompliance and disrupt market participation – potentially resulting in penalties and lost revenue.

Realtime Monitoring lets users view status and receive alerts if an outage should occur — often before CAISO sends a notice. That means users have time to correct issues, avoid penalties, and return to market participation.

“Realtime Monitoring alerts resource owners if a problem occurs and provides direct access to view status of all RIG data points,” explains Tom Short, Director of the Trimark Operations Center (TOC). “If an event disrupts data telemetry, resource owners can get an alert sent to their phone or email – often before CAISO sends a notice. That means you can maximize the time available to file an exemption with CAISO, take corrective action, and get back to selling power.”

Trimark provides CAISO RIG systems to more than 400 utility scale power resources in California. As part of our end-to-end solution, the Trimark Operations Center provides long-term support to ensure seamless, continuous operations and decades of compliance.

See Trimark’s Realtime Monitoring web page for more information or contact the TOC to get started.

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