Trimark Promotes Tom Short to Vice President of Consulting and Client Relations

Folsom, CA, March 30, 2023 – Trimark Associates, Inc., the industry leader in intelligent energy control, advanced metering, and regulatory compliance, has announced that Tom Short has been promoted to Vice President of Consulting and Customer Relations.

“Tom clearly understands the challenges our clients face in developing, operating, and maintaining profitable power generation resources while retaining regulatory compliance,” explained Mark Morosky, Trimark’s CEO and President. “Clients who work with Tom gain an experienced advisor who has their best interests at heart.”

In this new role, Tom will apply his technical aptitude and practical problem-solving skills to Trimark’s Consulting Services (TCS) practice. TCS is charged with connecting customers with Trimark’s industry experts in CAISO interconnection, utility scale plant controls, metering alternatives, cyber security practices, site networks, data telemetry, and more.

After joining Trimark in 2011, Tom recognized that customers needed hands-on support to maintain compliance and maximize productivity. He successfully created, then grew, Trimark’s Operations Center into a team of over 10 specialists on both the east and west coast. Tom’s proactive approach to customer success has resulted in numerous advancements to Trimark’s services including a dedicated support department, 24/7 status monitoring, support for business continuity/disaster recovery, and remediation of network and telemetry issues.

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Trimark Associates, Inc. (Trimark), the industry leader in intelligent energy control, delivers industry-leading solutions to allow real-time operational control, enable informed management of power production operations, and ensure regulatory compliance. Trimark’s turnkey products, engineering, and customer support services control, measure, and manage all aspects of power production that utility-scale power producers require to maintain peak business performance.

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