Trimark Validates and Submits Data Required for First “Large Facility” WREGIS Thermal Renewable Energy Credit

First “Large Facility” WREGIS Thermal Renewable Energy Credit

In May 2022, Trimark Associates, Inc. became the first Qualified Reporting Entity (QRE) to process, validate and submit the data required to claim Thermal Renewable Energy Credits (T-RECs) for a “large facility” – Roseburg Forest Products’ Dillard Powerhouse.

As part of the Roseburg’s commitment to self-sufficiency, they convert bio waste into green energy to power production plants in a zero-waste loop. In 2020, Roseburg generated over 230 million kilowatt-hours of electric power as well as thermal energy used for secondary purposes.

A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) certifies that the generating facility produced the energy it claims towards its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements. RECs are governed and issued by the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS). T-RECs are a special type of REC available for facilities that capture and measure thermal energy as a byproduct of their co-generation.

WREGIS manages the T-REC certificate process to quantify, track and count secondary thermal energy toward RPS targets. The T-REC process requires the owners of “large facilities” (those that generate more than 3.412 million BTU of thermal energy per hour) to use a QRE to validate their monthly data.

Quantifying thermal energy used for T-REC submittals requires reading and validating raw data from meters that measure steam (in BTUs) then converting those values into standard units used to measure electrical energy (Watts). Large facilities seeking T-RECs must have a QRE like Trimark validate and submit their meter data.

Trimark began submitting data for electrical RECs to WREGIS as a QRE in 2009. Trimark earned qualification to process data used for T-RECs in 2019. Trimark is currently the only QRE that is certified to process, validate, and submit data required to claim T-REC credits. Trimark’s data management team provides a variety of similar data validation services for more than 170 customers.

About Trimark

Trimark Associates, Inc. (Trimark) delivers industry-leading solutions to allow real-time operational control, enable informed management of power production operations, and support regulatory compliance. Trimark’s turnkey products, engineering, and customer support services control, measure, and manage all aspects of power production that utility-scale power producers require to maintain peak business performance.

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