39 CAISO Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) Replacements for Compliancy

CAISO RIG 2Project Type: PV generating facilities – 39 sites

Location: Throughout CA with one site in AZ

Client/EPC: 39 customers

Products/Services: Trimark replaced Remote Intelligent Gateways (RIGs) for customers at 39 sites to ensure CAISO compliance so they meet the security protocol for CAISO’s Energy Management System (EMS) and can connect to the EMS. As of August 1, 2019, CAISO required that all RIGs support Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2, a cryptographic protocol used to increase security over computer networks. CAISO discovered that older, Windows XP-based RIGs had issues connecting to the new EMS. Replacing the RIGs with an updated communication protocol to TLS 1.2 increases security over computer networks and ensures the reliability of the grid.

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